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It's a new year! Some Updates!

Wow. Its really been a minute since I last posted. In the spirit of new year reflections, I thought I’d give a quick update on things I’ve been up to creatively/professionally since May. When I look back at the past six months I think the biggest thing I’m proud of are the various internal hurdles, blocks, and hang-ups I managed to push through. These are the projects that really illustrate that for me.  

  • I wrote a book chapter! I’m super excited to be a part of The Care and Keeping of Museum Professionals, to be published by the time the AAM 2019 conference comes around this year. It’s a collection of essays and reflections by museum professionals about creating just and equitable working environments for museum workers. Sarah Erdman, the instigator and project manager approached me to write a chapter about internships. I guess it’s my thing now, which is fine by me.

  • I managed to submit work to a few places. Some panned out, some didn’t, and some I’m still waiting to hear back from, but the important thing for me at this point is doing it consistently. Saying yes to sharing my projects has led to a more consistent practice, and challenges my internal narratives about what is worth doing and sharing.

  • One of those submissions is an essay about museum tropes in American films that has been stuck in my notebook in random thoughts form for a year now. If Fwd: Museums isn’t interested in publishing it, I’ll make sure to share it elsewhere because it was so fun to write (and finish). 

  • Some are the result of trying new visual mediums out, which has been really fun. I put my pizza print from a letterpress class I took at Pratt into the Everyone’s Floored show at The Alice gallery, submitted a cute lumen print into Long Shot hosted by PCNW, and played around with block printing for the Hey Lady Karen Dalton zine.

  • One goal from the Louisiana trip I shared pictures from was to start working on a project that explores the history of St. Malo, a former fishing village out in the marshes of Louisiana that no longer exists. After playing around with different binding formats, writing, printmaking, and map research, I’ve finally put it all together into a working draft of an accordion book. There are a few kinks to work out with the layout and materials, but it’s almost there! I’m excited to share it soon.

That’s all for now!