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Visitor Services 2 complete!

Visitor Services II  is done and ready for your viewing pleasure! Purchase thru website at

It was a fun challenge to create new content so much later on and I learned new inking/production skills along the way. Hooray! 

New Zines!

I've started a new zine series based on visits to different U.S. National Parks sites! Each zine is a small 6-page booklet featuring observational drawings from one of the 413 units of the National Parks Service. To start off, I have two in black & white for Olympic National Park and Yosemite National Park, plus one IN COLOR for Mt. Rainier National Park. The hope is that the more I visit, the more the series will continue to grow. They're only 2 buckaroos and teeny so they won't take up space in your too-small apartment :)

Buy now!