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Visitor Services 2 complete!

Visitor Services II  is done and ready for your viewing pleasure! Purchase thru website at

It was a fun challenge to create new content so much later on and I learned new inking/production skills along the way. Hooray! 

New Zine!

 8 Years, 8 Shitty Apartments is my first real attempt to reflect on my life in New York now that I've put some distance between us. My relationship with the city was complicated, and in many ways it still isn't over. I decided to start peeling back the layers by viewing my life through the buildings I inhabited. My living arrangements in New York were often so strange or volatile that I can't help but track my memories by recalling where I was living at the time. It's a tiny toe dip into the subject waters for me, and I recognize that it will probably be several years before I am able to produce a work that portrays my experience effectively. Until then, I have to trust that my fears around revealing this particular piece indicate there is a decent amount of truth exposed in it all.