Fwd: Museums 2019 out now!

I have an essay in the most recent issue of Fwd: Museums journal titled “The Camera Adds 10 Poinds of History” about portrayals of museums in Hollywood films and what they say abt how the public perceives them. The issue is titled “Death to Museums” and is a really fun and eclectic mix of work (as always)!

You can learn more about Fwd: Museums here and purchase a copy of the 2019 issue here.

Emily Turner
Hot off the press!
  “The Care & Keeping of Museum Professionals” is now available for purchase! I authored a chapter in which I outline ways to think critically about internships on a personal, institutional, and field wide basis. Im very proud to be in such good company with the other writers. This dear book went through a few ups and downs so I’m happy it’s finally coming out into the world. It’s available for purchase here:

This is the first of three publications coming out this year! My brain is very tired.